Marissa's Miracle

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In Memory Of


Marissa Gabrielle

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Marissa Gabrielle Myers

February 14, 1995 ~ August 6, 1998



The Angels sang when you were born but Mommy cried and wept.
I couldn't believe you were truly mine as I watched over you while you slept.
You were so tiny, just barely a handful, I watched you grow in complete awe.
You caught up just as we were told you would, my eyes not believing what they saw.
The bouncing curls, the twinkling eyes, your scent, your voice, your smile,
that funny way you skipped about entranced us all the while.
The paint that stains the playroom wall, I thought I would have to hide
now hauntingly reminds me of the joy you had inside.
God wanted me to be a parent, I thank him for sending you to me
and what a wonderful gift He did give, for I was chosen to be your mommy.
And in His infinite wisdom God also knew that your stay would be brief.
When my eternity begins I will understand this dreadful grief.
Until then, my darling baby girl, I will try to make you proud of mom.
One day we will again embrace when I join you in God's kingdom.
The Angels sang when you went Home but mommy cried and wept.
I couldn't believe you were truly mine as I watched over you while you slept.

Written by Laurie Myers

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The mention of my child's name may bring tears to my eyes,
but it never fails to bring music to my ears.
If you are really my friend,
let me hear the beautiful music of her name.
It soothes my broken heart and sings to my soul.





I have so many pieces but cannot find the one that I need, Peace...
My world was shattered when my child was called away
My heart broke into a million pieces on that fateful day
At first, It seemed impossible to collect what was left of me
For without my precious child, I found nothing but debris
Then I stumbled upon a memory, one that brought a smile
I could hardly recoginze the feeling, for it was absent for such a while
Then I had to pick through the rubble of guilt that followed suit
My grief had stolen so very much from me, my laughter had been mute
I began to see that my child's death could not define her life
How could I allow this? I wouldn't. By my child, it would not be right.
For she gave only happiness and love to me while I was graced with her here
Now I had to rummage through the aftermath to find memories to keep her near
The ones that are so bittersweet, that not time, nor eternity, can erase
I had to pick and choose which ones to keep and the ones to put away
So many many pieces to sift through, if I am to survive
But I must keep searching through the grief, to keep my child alive
I choose the most precious ones, the ones filled with joy and laughter
These are the pieces I will take with me, to join her in the everafter
There is only one Peace that I search for, that I need, one truth to which I cling
The Promise of my Father, that once again, my child and I together he will bring
Written by Laurie

"M - A - R - I - S - S - A, Marissa Marissa Yeah!!"

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This snowglobe was custom made for our Marissa by Cindy.
Cindy, THANKS A MILLION, it is beautiful!!!

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