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Marissa's Awards

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Thank You Jo and Paul for this award of Excellence.
May 1999


Thank You Tammy for this Touching award.
May 1999

siteofinspirationaward.jpg siteofbeautyaward.jpg

Thank You Lady Pearls for these 2 Lovely awards.
May 1999

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Thank You Deb for such a Heart-Warming award.
May 1999


Thank You Twilight for this Heart-Touching award.
May 1999

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Thank You Sharmaine for this beautiful award.
May 1999

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Thank You Kaye for this award of Love.
May 1999

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Thank You Loris for this Compassionate award.
May 1999


Thank You Secret Heart for this very lovely award.
June 1999

angelsiteaward.jpg ldexcelaward.jpg

Thank You Littledov for this very special award of Excellence and this beautiful Angelic Award.
June 1999


Thank you Chris for this very lovely award.
June 1999

Angelicsiteawrd.jpg heaven.jpg


Thank you for these heavenly awards.
August 1999


Thank you Fran for this very Special Angel custom award. It is awesome.
August 1999


Karin, this is simply beautiful!!What a wonderful birthday gift for our Marissa!! Thank you
February 2000